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Rental Property Management

The First Step

Let’s establish clear and effective communication.

What To Expect From Our First Meeting:

    1. Clear Objectives & Responsibilities
    2. Preparing & Maintenance of the Property
    3. Clear Expectations & Roles
    4. Communication Channels
    5. Timelines


Schedule a thorough onboarding meeting or call with every new client to discuss their expectations, preferences, and any specific requirements they might have for their property.

During this conversation, we take the time to understand your goals, whether it’s maximizing rental income, maintaining the property’s condition, or achieving a balance between personal use and renting.


Additionally, gather all relevant information about the property, including its features, amenities, and any unique selling points that could attract potential guests.

We’ll discuss pricing strategies, booking procedures, and your property management company’s policies, ensuring that both you and the client are on the same page.

By starting with open and clear communication, we’ll lay the foundation for a successful working relationship and ensure that our management services align with your expectations.



A walkthrough for a vacation rental property listing involves a comprehensive visual inspection of the property to create an appealing and accurate representation for potential guests. Here’s a brief description of what a walkthrough might look like:

    1. Exterior Inspection: Begin by evaluating the property’s curb appeal. Capture exterior photos showcasing the property’s facade, landscaping, outdoor amenities (such as a pool, patio, or garden), and any unique features that set the property apart.
    2. Entry and Living Spaces: Enter the property and focus on the entryway and common living spaces. Record photos or videos of the living room, dining area, and any other communal areas. Highlight the layout, decor, and any distinctive design elements.
    3. Kitchen and Dining: Move on to the kitchen, capturing shots of appliances, countertops, and storage spaces. Showcase any kitchen amenities, such as modern appliances or a fully equipped kitchen for guest use.
    4. Bedrooms: Document each bedroom individually. Capture images of the bed, bedding, storage options, and any decor that adds character to the room. Highlight features like ensuite bathrooms, walk-in closets, or balcony access.
    5. Bathrooms: Photograph or film each bathroom, emphasizing fixtures, mirrors, lighting, and any unique design choices. Showcase amenities like spa-like features or luxury toiletries, if applicable.
    6. Special Features: If the property has special features such as a home theater, game room, or fitness area, make sure to include those in your visual tour. Highlight the equipment, layout, and any amenities provided for guest enjoyment.
    7. Outdoor Spaces: Return outside to capture shots of any outdoor areas, balconies, patios, or decks. Showcase outdoor furniture, grilling areas, and any scenic views the property offers.
    8. Utilities and Practical Information: While not as glamorous, it’s essential to document practical aspects such as the laundry area, heating/cooling systems, and Wi-Fi setup. Guests often appreciate knowing about these facilities.
    9. Safety Features: If there are safety features like smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, or emergency contact information, make sure to mention and highlight these in the walkthrough.
    10. 360-Degree Views (Optional): For a more immersive experience, consider offering 360-degree photos or virtual tours, which allow potential guests to virtually explore the property and its features.

Remember, the goal is to present an honest and enticing portrayal of the vacation rental property. High-quality visuals and accurate descriptions will help attract potential guests and set the right expectations for their stay.

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